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By Jonathan Qiang Li, PhD, Cofounder @BorderX Lab
December 30, 2014

For Western businesses, China is both a magnet and a mystery. Fortunes have been made and lost depending on whom you are talking to. It has been called a “scary place” to do business because of her size and cultural singularity. It has been called a “rubik’s cube” for marketers and retailers for its consumer complexity and confusing behaviors .
Out of all the myths about the country with a population of 1.4 Billion, one thing is certain: China today is vastly different from 35 years ago when she first opened up to the West, converting from a Soviet-style economy to a Western-style free market economy. The main force behind the changes in China are two-fold: the desire of Chinese people to get richer and catch up with the living standards of the West and the desire by the Western merchants to tap into China as the largest market known to them. Under those two gigantic forces, China is changing so rapidly that her own people are having hard time keeping up.
So forgive yourself for feeling bewildered, and some times downright frustrated about the difficulties of doing business in China. You are not alone. On the other hand, you should soothe yourself by recognizing that there are plenty of success stories that brought fortune those who have figured it out.
Here are the Top Eight Things you need to know about selling to China through e-commerce in 2015, coming from industry veterans with many years both in China and the West. Keep in mind though, next year they may be all different. So stay hungry, stay alive, and stay fresh.